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Sorry Followers

I just wanted to apologize for my recent disappearance from tumblr, but the last few weeks have been quite hectic for me!! But here I am I am back!!

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teenusa13 asked: Happy Birthday! I turned 16 2 days ago! #februarybirthdays

Awe Thank you!! and Happy Birthday to you as well!!

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Anonymous asked: I'm curious about guys. I don't consider myself gay..but I don't know how to handle this. Any tips?

Well at one point I was the same way, I would just say that love or date whoever makes you most happy. And honestly that could change today you might like a girl and that is perfectly fine, then tomorrow you might like a guy also perfectly fine. Some people say that those who are bi are “greedy” but honestly I don’t think thats true. I think bi people are just trying to find themselves. My best tip to anyone and everyone, is that do whatever makes you happy!! I hope this helped and if you’d like you can come off anon and we can talk more!!

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Anonymous asked: your page is awsome your hor and all the guys on it are pretty damn beautiful

Thank you!! And I try to post guys that are easy to look at!!